'Het wassen oog' and 'Stadsluik' will be available through Prophecy Productions on the 5th of April. We are both excited and anxious. The road awaits.

We signed to Prophecy Productions.
Prophecy has been part of our musical development since we were in our early teens. Inviting each other to this dance feels like a proper and weirdly magical gesture.

We wrote a record. It’ll arrive on the 9th of January. At least, that’s what they say. It’s been a long ride. Very bumpy. Very bumpy.

May gave birth to a new split. It's out on the extraordinary Ván Records.

"Lieve, lieve, voel jij de tijd vervliegen?" We are still trapped in a time capsule we call Catacomben Studio's. But not forever. One day we'll get out.

We have been writing. We are recording. We have been touring. We are making new plans. She's drawing circles in ice and snow. Adept. Firmly. Same old song and dance. We no longer find her as attractive as we used to. Tension is building up. Let's embrace it.

We love you. Take care.



07/12/2019 Wintermelodei, Münster (DE)
13/09/2019 Prophecy Fest, Balve (DE)
02/08/2019 Pirhana Bar, Montreal (CA)
01/06/2019 Fortarock, Nijmegen (NL)
30/05/2019 B10 Live, Shenzhen (CHN)
29/05/2019 SD Livehouse, Guangzhou (CHN)
28/05/2019 VOX Livehouse, Wuhan (CHN)
26/05/2019 Nu Space, Chengdu (CHN)
25/05/2019 Wuqiong Club, Xi'an (CHN)
23/05/2019 Black Iron, Nanchang (CHN)
21/05/2019 Ola Art Space, Nanjing (CHN)
19/05/2019 Sirius Fest, Shanghai (CHN)
18/05/2019 Sirius Fest, Beijing (CHN)
13/04/2019 Roadburn Festival, Tilburg (NL)
09/03/2019 Baroeg, Rotterdam (NL)

24/12/2018 Dynamo, Eindhoven (NL)
03/06/2018 dB's, Utrecht (NL)
18/05/2018 Dynamo, Eindhoven (NL)

05/11/2017 Death Disco, Athens (GR)
24/06/2017 Deep Summer Drone, Basel (CH)
24/05/2017 dB's, Utrecht (NL)
22/04/2017 Roadburn Festival, Tilburg (NL)
10/03/2017 De Meester, Almere (NL)
28/01/2017 Extase, Tilburg (NL)
27/01/2017 Music City, Antwerpen (BE)

20/11/2016 Kavka, Antwerpen (BE)
12/11/2016 Victorie, Alkmaar (NL)
17/09/2016 Little Devil, Tilburg (NL)
16/09/2016 Mezz, Breda (NL)
10/09/2016 Gelderse Golf, Arnhem (NL)
13/08/2016 Exit, Dusseldorf (DE)
13/02/2016 Het Bos, Antwerpen (BE)
30/01/2016 Maddogs, Groesbeek (NL)
09/01/2016 Kiehool, Burgum (NL)

20/11/2015 dB's, Utrecht (NL), Le Guess Who?
25/10/2015 Fatlily's, Witney (UK)
24/10/2015 Scruffy Murphys, Birmingham (UK)
23/10/2015 The Black Heart, London (UK)
06/06/2015 Club Kamikaze, Mechelen (BE)
25/04/2015 Rockcafé Sodom, Tongeren (BE)
18/04/2015 Hedon, Zwolle (NL)
20/03/2015 Romein, Leeuwarden (NL)
07/02/2015 Bibelot, Dordrecht (NL)

29/11/2014 De Witte Non, Hasselt (BE)
28/11/2014 Willemeen, Arnhem (NL)
05/09/2014 Nieuwe Veste, Breda (NL)
30/08/2014 Little Devil, Tilburg (NL)
29/08/2014 dB's, Utrecht (NL)
11/07/2014 dB's, Utrecht (NL)
09/06/2014 MTC Club, Cologne (DE)
24/05/2014 Baroeg, Rotterdam (NL) Veneration of the Dead
08/03/2014 Musikbunker, Aachen (DE)
22/02/2014 Boelie's Pub, Winschoten (NL)

21/12/2013 Musikbunker, Aachen (DE