We signed to Prophecy Productions.
Prophecy has been part of our musical development since we were in our early teens. Inviting each other to this dance feels like a proper and weirdly magical gesture.
New year. New label. New tunes.

We wrote a record. It’ll be there on the 9th of January. At least, that’s what they say. It’s been a long ride. Very bumpy. Very bumpy.
Let’s move on from here.

May gave birth to our latest release Wederganger - Laster. It's out on the extraordinary Ván Records, on both 12-inch vinyl and digipak cd.

"Lieve, lieve, voel jij de tijd vervliegen?" We are still trapped in a time capsule we call Catacomben Studio's, mixing our upcoming full-length. But not forever. One day we'll get out. One day we'll get out. That's the law!

You'll hear from us.

We have been writing. We are recording. We have been touring. We are making new plans. She's drawing circles in ice and snow. Adept. Firmly. Same old song and dance. We no longer find her as attractive as we used to. Tension is building up. Let's embrace it.

We love you. Take care.